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Selasa, 29 April 2014

Fish Kensom Recipe


 The ingredients:

i) To blend
1 inch turmeric life
5-7 onion seeds
5-7 seeds chilli fire
Conjoined 2 inch prawn paste ( select a good one)
1 cup tamarind water or tamarind seedless

Other materials
5 loaves content of fish (fish select large scaly like Kerisi, jenahak, grut2, fish machete, etc.)
Enough cooking water to the sauce
Sufficiently coarse salt taste
Windlass regular sugar
Petiole 5 kesom leaves
Some vegetable watercress sprigs


 1 . Get into the kitchen , put on your hat while cooking and recite prayers to facilitate the work." Rabbana Atina milladunka rahmataw wahaiyiklana min amrina Rashada" - Surah Al-Kahf .2 . Afterwards park the pan on stove and recite this prayer during a fire :"O la illa aisul Aisya akhirah , faqfirli Ansori wal muhajiroh "3 . Later , add the blended ingredients into the pan and stir gently until it has evaporated. Reduce heat during this process .

Once evaporated , add enough water to cook the gravy last increase . Stir until just blended and bring to a boil . After boiling add fish was processed and washed. Stir until medidih again. After that , add salt and sugar to taste sheaves .Read remembrance of cooking as follows :Istiqfar - 3 xPeace - 3 xPraise be to God - repeatedly .

After that, put some sprigs cendehom and vegetable spinach . Include cucumber cut beveled juika love .
Wait to boil and turn off heat .Keng Som ready to be served. Piping hot with cooked rice new .

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